Trees and shrubs planted by Marcum's are guaranteed for ONE YEAR from the planting date. Our warranty doesn’t extend to plants such as annuals and perennials, tropicals, or any non-winter-hardy trees or shrubs. We will replace dead material for free, for the first six months of the warranty.  After four months, there will be a charge for labor equal to the original planting labor charge.


It’s the customers’ responsibility to contact us immediately if a warrantied tree/shrub shows any signs of stress, including, but not limited to, leaf drop, browning or wilting. We’ll inspect the item to determine if it’s salvageable. If we feel the tree/shrub has a chance to survive and grow normally, we’ll work with the customer to assist the tree/shrub. An adjustment may be made to the warranty at that time. In case of death, we may delay replacement until conditions are appropriate for planting, if necessary.

Our warranty doesn’t cover trees/shrubs that die as a result of neglect, fire, wind, hail, flooding, freeze, chemical damage, or any natural disaster that occurs beyond our control. It’s the customers’ responsibility to adequately water all warrantied material, especially during excessively dry or drought conditions. Neglect also includes overwatering, failure to treat insect infestation or disease, or to remedy cultural problems. The warranty is void if the site is altered in any way, such as, but not limited to, inserting PVC pipe to supply water, changing the soil level around the trunk, or moving the plant while under warranty, unless expressly authorized by us.

We plant and landscape with consideration for preventing damage to existing lawns and landscaping. We are not responsible for any damage that occurs when instructed by you to enter your property.

Prices quoted for planting and/or landscaping are based on reasonable access to the work site. Any additional labor, for any reason, could result in an additional charge. Any additional charges will be discussed with, and approved by, the customer in advance of work starting.

The customer is responsible for removing stumps and other obstacles, unless removal is part of the work order, and for calling OKIE (1-800-522-6543) to clearly mark all underground lines.

We want you and your plants to be happy. Call us if you have any questions about proper care for your new plants.