Landscape Design Services

A professional landscape design is free when the project is installed by Marcum's on Sooner and is estimated to be more than $2,500. If you choose not to have us install your design, the fee is $.50 a square foot of designed space. For example: if your new design consists of two planting beds, the square footage will be based on those beds. A typical design for two front beds runs from $75 to $150. If the design is installed by Marcum's, the design fee will be removed. The installation and plants will be guaranteed for a one time, one-year replacement. For large-scale drawings, the price will be calculated by time spent on producing the drawings. Please ask for an estimate for larger sites.

The landscape design service offers great value for those who wish to have a smart, artful design for the space. All site elements will be considered to ensure the success of the design- solar patterns, soil type, moisture needs, hardscape needs or wants, drainage issues, aesthetics, and plant materials. We also specialize in the use of native plants and habitat for wildlife.

Services included:

A preliminary meeting to determine clients wants and vision for the site, priorities, and preferred investment amount.

Site analysis and inventory: site measurements and photographs are taken. A base map is drafted. This map will be used for all drawings, included a detailed site analysis. This site analysis involves research and observations about your particular site conditions. These drawings will influence and shape the conceptual designs.

Conceptual designs and ideas: a second meeting will involve discussion between designer and client regarding conceptual ideas drawn up by the designer. The ideas include design elements such as themes, plant palettes, materials, and spacing.

Preliminary plan: once a conceptual plan is chosen, a preliminary plan will be drawn to further develop the concept and incorporate any input by the client. Once the client approves this plan, a proposal will be created that details a cost estimate to install the design.

For more complex projects, other drawings may be needed. These are construction documents, which will detail specific elements of the design.

Hardscape and drainage plans: these will be developed, if necessary, to show all existing, to be modified, and new proposed design features.

Planting plan: this drawing details the location of all existing trees and plants to be preserved and protected, new trees, plants, and groundcover. It will also include all quantities, sizes, botanical and common names.

Landscape lighting plan: this drawing will detail the locations of all proposed landscape lighting fixtures.



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